Emily Ferrer


Open Letter

Hi po Uncle Butch. Sir I would like to personally inform you and your organization, the American Ilocano Association that I already passed the CPA Board exam. I would like to share with you this success for without the financial assistance you extended to me during my college education I would not have become who I am right now. I am very much proud to be your scholar and even grateful for your generosity. May you be able to extend more of your help to the poor but deserving students. In such way, many dreams would be able to come true, just as mine. Thank you so much, I would always carry with me the debt of gratitude to you and your organization. Please extend my regards to the people in your organization. May GOD BLESS you and shower you more blessings. More power!

At long last, I made it! Truly the almighty Father has reserved this moment for me. I do believe in HIM, HIS master plan, and in HIS time. I share this victory to the people who expressed all the kinds of support one can give. Thanks to my family--Mama, Papa, Manung, Manang; other best  pipz  in my life--Chie, Cied, Jho, Ruz, Sie, Lan, Jayr, Dhiv, Mommy Nes;  my instructors, my reviewers in CPAR and ReSA,  my benefactors during college CHED and the AMERICAN ILOCANO ASSOCIATION and to those whom I failed to mention. I could not have gained the courage to keep going, without you. Your words of encouragement and support made me continue the fight. Most of all, thanks to the LORD for granting my heart's desire. To GOD be the highest glory! ^_^

 Saint Ferdinand College

Ilagan, Isabela


Old and New Scholars

Michelle Cariaga, scholar since 2010 to present from Bantay, Ilocos Sur.


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